High-level Hospital and Healthcare Jobs Every Week.

We’ve been distributing our Open Positions Report (OPR) for 20+ years. For many healthcare executives this document has been a valuable tool for our industry, both in building relationships, networking, job search and keeping our finger on the pulse of the healthcare market.  The OPR provides an average of 50 new jobs per week with an aggregate monthly OPR of 200+ jobs.  The OPR is built on referrals within our network, leads from healthcare executives, hospitals, health systems, search, consulting firms and online research. 

If you wish to receive the OPR directly to your email box every week, you will need to sign up at OpenPositionsReport.com. The longer you subscribe, the bigger the discount you will receive!

3 months @ $30.00/month = $90.00
6 months @ $25.50/month = $153.00 (15% off)
12 months @ $22.50/month = $270.00 (25% off!)

If you are a health system, hospital or executive recruiter submitting jobs, please contact Kim Rodriguez at kim@wetrichgroup.com for pricing details.