A Few Pointers before You Begin Your Search Process

Hopefully you feel more comfortable with the process of career transition and are beginning to accept your separation.  Psychological research conducted by William Bridges, and reported in his excellent book TRANSITIONS, clearly confirms that until we have an ending, it is very difficult to make the transition which takes us ultimately to a new beginning. 

  • Do not stew over the factors causing you to leave your last job.  You may never learn the real ones.  Begin looking to the future now.  A positive and disciplined outlook is key.  Acknowledge what you’re leaving behind and the opportunity before you.
  • Realize that any job or career change involves disruption and uncertainty.  To get through the difficult moments successfully requires knowledge of the process and the marketplace as well as hard work.
  • Be open to learning a variety of techniques that will help you assess your job-related skills, interests and characteristics.
  • Understand the steps that successful people take when changing jobs and the importance of thorough preparation.
  • Be patient.  Success is rarely achieved overnight.  It can take a year or more for a healthcare executive to move into his or her next position.  Maintain momentum.
  • Organize your personal life so that your job search is first.  It must take precedence over social engagements, vacations – everything.
  • Do not think of yourself as entering an idle period.  You now have a full-time job: packaging and marketing yourself.   Approach this transition job with vigor, imagination, creativity and discipline.

Your job search will be hard work.  It will require your maximum commitment, consistently and continuously.  As in your previous work experiences, there will be good days and bad days, peaks and valleys.  Learn not to dwell in the valleys.

Begin now to accept what has happened.  There is no going back.  Do not punish yourself and others close to you by ruminating with what ifs.  Become optimistic about the odds for your success.  Act each and every day to move closer to your goals.


Cover image By tableatny (BXP135671) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons