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Muhammad Ali and Albert Einstein Agreed On Something

Muhammad Ali was in the news with his passing over the weekend.  He led a flamboyant life until Parkinson’s Disease robbed him of his ability to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.  In addition to being a great champion, he was also one of the most quotable athletes of all time. 

Although he graduated in the bottom of his high school class, the ‘Champ’ had something in common with the great Albert Einstein – both recognized that everyone is great at something. Continue reading Muhammad Ali and Albert Einstein Agreed On Something


dIstORTeD Information – Facebook News and Job Applicants

Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg were in the news last week, responding to allegations that their news editors suppressed conservative news items/facts in favor of liberal news trends.  While the politicians and media outlets debate the merits of the case, it really isn’t a surprise to learn that media outlets screen information in order to produce the ‘desired’ effect.  It happens every day.

In the same vein, job applicants, on a daily basis, distort or misleadingly amplify information about themselves – all in the desire to ‘look good’ for a potential employer.  They do this on their resume, LinkedIn profile and in the job interviews. Continue reading dIstORTeD Information – Facebook News and Job Applicants


Attack of the Millennials!

Millennials get a lot of negative publicity from news and business media outlets for being (pick one…or more): lazy, uncommitted, self-centered, entitled, being socially awkward, disloyal, transient, etc. etc.
I’m a baby boomer, old enough to remember when the ‘old guard’ was saying the same thing about us.  The good news for millennials (who take the long view) is that they too, will be able to write disparaging remarks about whatever-term-is-used to describe those unfortunate souls who are born in, say, 2020-2040.  In fact, maybe we should start that baby generation naming contest now?
According the US Census Bureau, millennials (born 1982-2000) now outnumber baby boomers: 83 vs. 75 million.1 Continue reading Attack of the Millennials!


The Smart Money

The headline in last week’s government labor report showed unemployment was holding steady at 5%. Not much excitement there, but a deeper dive showed a couple of interesting tidbits:

  • Healthcare and Business Services led the way with the most growth in employment.
  • The labor force participation rate dropped significantly (300,000 Americans left the labor force — either leaving jobs or abandoning their job searches). The drop in labor force participation is keeping the unemployment rate artificially low.

What are the HR implications? Continue reading The Smart Money


Career Counseling – At Any Stage of Your Career

In my over 25 years as a psychologist, many friends/clients have asked me to help provide career guidance and direction to their sons/daughters—which I’ve been happy to do. I really like this field. Having interviewed/assessed candidates for positions in almost every job field, I have a great understanding of how people generally fit into various careers. Most of my career counseling clients are high school and college aged students, but I also often have people interested in career transition and even career considerations for after retirement. Continue reading Career Counseling – At Any Stage of Your Career