Career Counseling – At Any Stage of Your Career

In my over 25 years as a psychologist, many friends/clients have asked me to help provide career guidance and direction to their sons/daughters—which I’ve been happy to do. I really like this field. Having interviewed/assessed candidates for positions in almost every job field, I have a great understanding of how people generally fit into various careers. Most of my career counseling clients are high school and college aged students, but I also often have people interested in career transition and even career considerations for after retirement. Over the years, I’ve also realized that the tests/measurements providing said “career guidance” just aren’t very good. No wonder, I thought, so many people struggle with the decision of ‘what to be’.

I’ve come to believe that an occupational choice should be based on 3 things:

Other practical considerations – INCOME, EDUCATION, JOB GROWTH, Etc.
Almost all of the other tests/websites out there have one (or more) of the following problems.

They only consider one of these factors – usually just YOUR INTERESTS. Well, it doesn’t do any good to be interested in a career if you don’t’ have the underlying abilities. For example, many head off to college in hopes of being medical doctors, but sometimes lack some of the requisite analytical skills and learn the hard way when they face a subject like organic chemistry in college. It is better to know your abilities up front – while you’re in the planning process.
They only include a small portion of the actual careers that are out there. The federal government shows 1,100+ careers. The most popular career guidance websites only list about 200 careers. In other words, they only show you about 20% of the careers that are available to you. As a result, there is a good likelihood that your ideal career won’t even be shown to you.
Other websites don’t allow you to sort/filter your choices based on PRACTICAL considerations – like how much schooling you want to pursue or how much income you want to make. Pretty basic stuff. Additionally, we let you explore different interests, change your search parameters and find just the right list and set of occupations that match your criteria. You can change the filters and criteria as much as you want. This is not a one-time test. You are a lifetime member. If your interests change, your results will change as well. It is a dynamic process.
Through our career counseling services, we can provide you with a better way to pick a career.