Gain more Perspective – 360 Feedback for Coaching

Mark Twain once said that continual improvement is better than delayed perfection. Whether you agree with that or not–we can all agree that managers should target and improve upon their weaknesses.

The problem is that most of us are blind to our weaknesses….or we THINK we know, but we actually don’t.

The solution is a 360-degree feedback report. Any manager, struggling or not, that is looking to improve and push to the next level can benefit from participating in a development program that includes 360-degree feedback.

This type of feedback involves obtaining performance and behavior opinions from people at every level around you, from your manager to your peers and subordinates. It goes beyond your annual performance review and can provide you with some new insight into how you boost your leadership skills.

Our firm has coached hundreds of leaders using 360-degree feedback. Most organizations choose to outsource this process to us to ensure that the manager receives genuine feedback and rater anonymity is protected. Our process involves preparing ALL of the participants, raters included, for what to expect. Surveys are easily administered online and we summarize and develop a feedback report for each “target” manager being rated. Individual feedback is provided to help interpret the report and findings. Discussions are then extended to include the manager’s leader to help develop a game plan for improvement.

We can provide a standard survey or customize one specific to your company culture. For more information or to obtain a sample report, email me at dwhitenack@wetrichgroup.com.

Help your managers meet their performance goals – invest in their leadership and development.