OPR – Instructions and Troubleshooting

How to download our OPR (Open Positions Report).

We are making our OPR available to anyone who would like to have it. The only thing we ask for in return is a little bit of information about you. Each time you want to download it, you will be asked to tell us some standard info about yourself. Your name, email address, phone number, title and company. You will be asked this each time (it keeps our records up to date) you wish to download an OPR.

  1. Click on the “DOWNLOAD OPR” button in the top-right corner of our website, www.wetrichgroup.com
  2. Fill out the form and hit the “Subscribe to List” button
  3. Check your email. You will be sent an email to confirm that the information you submitted in the form is correct. Be patient as the email may not appear right away.
  4. Once you receive the email, you will need to click on the large, gray button the says, “Yes, subscribe me to the list”
  5. Upon clicking on that button, you will be forwarded to a webpage that holds a link to our OPR. Click on the red, “DOWNLOAD OPR” button.
  6. Look for the OPR in the folder that you have set up to receive downloads on your computer.

This process is called the “Double Opt-In” process. We realize it might seem like a lot but it performs some very serious functions. 

First, Protection from Scammers. Friends, foes, co-workers, and other people who don’t directly manage your email won’t be able to consent to receive messages from us. Only you can.

More important, double opt-in protects against malicious bots and spammers. If a bot enters an email address on our form with a typo, the confirmation email will bounce and the bad address won’t be added to your list at all. Likewise, if a spammer signs up for our list and starts reporting our emails as spam, we’ll have the confirmation IP address, time, and date saved in MailChimp, so we’ll be able to prove that they confirmed interest in your list.

Also, It makes your the information we receive is correct and accurate.

We take security very seriously and will not sell or share your information with anyone.



If you sign up to our OPR list and don’t receive an email during the double opt-in process, there are a few things that could be happening.

MOST OFTEN, your email could be caught in an aggressive spam filter. Check the junk, spam, and trash folders.

But if that’s not it, please continue…

How long has it been?

Email delivery times vary depending on server traffic, so don’t assume something is wrong if you don’t receive a confirmation email instantly. We recommend giving it a bit of time, up to a few hours, before you do additional troubleshooting or seek support.


What email address did you use?

Sometimes, there are problems with email servers.
If you sign up with a corporate email server, there could be an issue with your company’s filter, firewall, or server. We recommend you sign up with a personal email account like Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. If you get the confirmation email at those accounts as expected, it may be a corporate email server problem.

When we send to an AOL, Yahoo!, or Gmail account, give it more time. Some webmail programs delay delivery of bulk mail to your inbox by up to 24 hours. This is rare, and it hasn’t yet happened to any of our subscribers, but it does happen elsewhere and it can happen.

If you subscribe using a Gmail account, there’s a chance the confirmation email may be placed in Gmail’s Promotions tab. Add us (info@wetrichgroup.com) to your contacts list to ensure your future emails are placed in the Primary tab.

If you are still having trouble, send us an email at info@wetrichgroup.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.