Outplacement News – 8/14/2015

Congratulations to Joanie Jeannette on her new position at Vanderbilt Medical Center as Associate Nursing Director, Internal Medicine/Inpatient and Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Units….continued success to you.

“Leadership: Today’s True Test”

It was great catching up with old acquaintances’ and making new friendships at the 2015 Quality & Equity Roadmap conference in San Francisco.  As I reflect back, it has become abundantly clear that more proactive leadership is needed  to make a difference in building a balanced and culturally diverse workplace.  As we all know, the problem isn’t going away as a huge leadership void is looming large on the horizon.  Some 75 million U.S. workers will retire soon.  The talent to replace them will be chosen from the next generation of only 45 million workers. 

Leadership is a high calling and with it comes the responsibility to “influence” behavior to accomplish great things. Today’s leader’s need to be equipped with not only the basic competencies that transcend generations and industries, but new skills that address the need of today’s modern consumers, and employees.  This is especially true of the Healthcare industry where it can feel like everything is changing and evolving rapidly including the regulatory environment, business models, cost structure, employee demographics, consumer demographics, and technology among others.

Consider this:

  • A recent Gallup study found that 68% employees are disengaged …most has to do with poor leadership (making employees emotionally disconnected) costing U.S. corporations over $550 billion per year in lost productivity.
  • The % of millennials in the workplace will go from 36% today to 62% in 2020. They have short attention spans, require more technology based communication methods and place higher priority on a values based culture and meaningful work.
  • Organizations that focus on leadership development outperform those that do not by a 2:1 margin.
  • Consumer and employee expectations of inclusiveness, independent thinking, quality of leadership and fairness in the workplace have never been higher given recent events.

 So given this, what should organizations do?

1. Focus on leadership and leadership developmentVision (end state, everyone is a leader)

  • Strategy (talent assessment and development, LD programs)
  • Goals (business goals, individual goals, goal achievement process)
  • Roles (who does what?)
  • Processes (how does it get done and executed)
  • Relationships (communication strategy, team effectiveness, culture)

 2. Build core leadership competencies that translate to superior results, and a strong culture of engagement:

  • Thought Leadership (thinking strategically, driving innovation)
  • People Leadership (building talent, working through others, managing change)
  • Relationship Leadership (maximizing relationships, building trust, clarity of communication)

3. Learn new ways to influence behavior using modern and high impact communication methods.

  • Communication strategy (technology choices, use of video/media for impact)
  • Principle based leadership (seeking alignment of values and principles with behaviors)
  • Consciously build culture (define expectations of inclusiveness, fairness, valuing differences, branding, performance)
  • Redefine meeting structure (frequency, purpose, virtual platforms, duration, impact)

 In the end, it is really about getting clear on what matters – people! People want to be challenged, inspired, engaged in meaningful work, and valued for their contribution and differences.  Superior leadership to make this happen is important to all industries, but it is truly “mission critical” to Healthcare given the unique magnitude of change, along with the challenges and opportunities the industry faces today.

 Content provided by The Velardi Group, LLC., a strategic partner of The Wetrich Group focused on helping individuals and organizations achieve potential. The firm consists of best in class consultants and with over a century of combined experience specializing in leadership development utilizing a blend of principle based methodology with “cutting edge”  platforms for the financial services and healthcare industries.