In today’s job market you must be able to convince both the recruiter and the hiring organization that you have the skills set to be successful in the position.  Therefore, it is imperative to understand the organization’s profile of the ideal candidate and how your skills and background match those traits. Most healthcare organizations today are seeking executives with skills and accomplishments in the areas of expense control, revenue growth, productivity enhancement, safety/quality improvement, physician integration and customer satisfaction.  In order to successfully match your talents to the client’s needs, you must first know your own strengths and accomplishments.  You need to complete a self-examination before you begin your job search.

Let’s begin self-assessment on a practical note.  The bottom line is that you are a product of your experiences.  Earlier successes and achievements were principally the result of effectively utilizing your skills.  To maximize the chances of successfully managing your career, it will be helpful to think about how you have acted to put your skills to work.  Focusing on your past accomplishments and the skills you used to achieve them is a good way to get back on track.

In this exercise, list your key skills on one side of a paper or spreadsheet, then tie in some related achievements.  You may have many achievements tied to the same skill.  Try to find quantifiable measurements for those achievements; it’s fine that you increased revenue, but it’s more powerful and meaningful to say “increased revenue by 20% year-over-year, capturing $100M+ in 2015.”

Just as we all have abilities and skills, we also have development needs.  Even though these needs may not be significant weaknesses, nonetheless, they are areas that we should be trying to strengthen.  One way to help ensure ongoing career growth and progression is to always be increasing your knowledge and skill base.  During your transition period, you will have time for self-development.  Identify a couple of areas you would like to strengthen and work on them while you’re conducting your job search.