Tools of the Trade: Online Outplacement Training

For the last several months I have been authoring this series on technology for professionals to use for their personal careers. We’ve covered applications and technologies to help find jobs, to help organize yourself, and to help you find information. The second part of this series is going to be on education. We’ll talk about how to learn more to stay on top of your game and to both establish and maintain your status as a subject matter expert. In a rare turn of events, this week we’re talking about a technology that we offer.

Our Executive Outplacement Training is available at your own desk.

For over 25 years, we have been providing outplacement, workforce planning and restructuring services. As senior-level consultants, our knowledge of the industry and emerging business trends allows us to help organizations experiencing employee reorganization. We are also a crucial resource for individual candidates in transition, providing high-profile executives with counsel and career guidance to strategically navigate the job market.

Over the past year we have been working hard on bringing our Executive Outplacement Training program to a web-based format so that more people can take advantage of our training on their own time. We’re incredibly proud of the program that we’ve built and we can reach even more people with the industry’s best training and practices.

If outplacement training is something you could benefit from, please reach out to us so we can get you set up.