In today’s job market, your professional references are more important than ever before. Organizations can’t afford to make hiring mistakes and thus are checking more references now than in previous years. As there will be many anxieties involved in your search for a new position, it is unwise and unnecessary to add more anxiety with regard to your references. For most people most of the time, references are no problem. Unfortunately, most candidates treat their references with benign neglect. But what are the criteria for picking references?

  1. Make sure your reference is knowledgeable of your job performance.
  2. Are they enthusiastic about “you”.
  3. Can your references articulate point 1 & 2?

Reference management is an art, not just a list of names! Studies indicate that when job hunters endure a long, unproductive search, poor references are the root of the problem in about 40% of the cases. A weak reference is a silent killer.