Trailing Spouse Employment Assistance

The Wetrich Group SCO provides our spouse employment assistance program to trailing spouses relocating to any location throughout the U.S. TWG offers special counseling and support for those who are being “uprooted,” in addition to access to our robust career transition services e-learning center. Our relocation consultation services can be used to help the couple determine the marketability of the skills of the partner/spouse in the new location, availability of comparable positions and other factors such as cost of living. Providing these services enhances the perception of the relocation opportunity, enlists the active support for the transfer, and provides personal support and confidence to the partner in adapting to the new community.

Our Approach

We provide our spouse employment assistance program virtually using a combination of one-on-one telephone consultations and online tools. With our approach, we can offer personalized career transition services that include one-on-one consultation time. Rather than have a trailing spouse attend a group seminar to learn how to write their resume and conduct their job search, we:

  • WithThe Wetrich Group SCO’s transition program, a two-member team is dedicated to help the trailing spouse.  A “transition specialist,” provides one-on-one support and advice throughout the job search.
  • All of our spouse employment assistance packages include one-on-one consultation time with a career coach via telephone.
  • The spouse is paired with a professional resume writer for optimal assistance.
  • The person is paired with a professional “psychologist,” who is responsible for providing feedback regarding the spouses strength and weaknesses.
  • Cover letter assistance in preparing for job applications.
  • Provide 24/7 access to our password-protected, proprietary Online e-learning Web Portal.
  • Offer direction in speaking with recruiters.
  • Support with networking tips.
  • Assistance in Compensation negotiation.
  • Every week, the spouse will receive The Wetrich Group SCO’s Open Position Report to help ensure a smooth transition (healthcare only).