What is Outplacement and Why Does it Matter?

Simply put, outplacement is a service to guide a terminated employee of a company to a satisfactory new position or career through the provision of short- or long-term counseling and support services, on a group or individual basis, most often paid for by the terminating employer. (Source: Staffing Industry Analysts)

For employers, in many instances,“outplacement” is the right thing to do. A recent report found that many employees think that companies should provide outplacement services to their employees.* While 47% of employees agreed that companies should provide outplacement services, 73% reported that they received none when they were laid off.

Why it matters is also fairly simple. As an employer, You want to continue to protect your image in the community as well as your   good reputation.

As our world becomes more digital and increasingly more social, it’s becoming more difficult to keep the private activities of employees in  our companies… well… private. Employees who feel slighted are likely going to turn to social media and services like Yelp and Glassdoor to give their employers  an unfavorable review. Bad PR, especially PR around downsizing can easily  spin out of control if not orchestrated properly. This is even more important if you’re headquartered in a small town.

Employees who are laid off will be more likely to hold your company in high regard if you make the proper provision to do the right thing and take care of them. Capturing their hearts will go a long way in maintaining your  reputation in the community

*The report is based on a survey of more than 1,000 HR professionals, managers, and employees. 

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