What is your mindset?

In a job search, nothing worth achieving was ever accomplished without hard work and some degree of challenge. You have to believe in yourself, believe that you can add value and contribute in amazing ways, and believe that you will succeed.

· Accept that this process—your career, your job search success-is your responsibility, no one else’s.
· If you hold any grudge against your last employer, let it go—those negative feelings are poisoning you.
· Associate only with positive people…negative people, those that complain and blame others for their problems, will only suck the energy out of you, whereas positive people will keep you motivated.
· Accept the fact that you may face some challenges or disappointments along the way, and prepare for them…if they don’t happen, terrific; but if they do, you’ll be prepared and they won’t derail you.
· Use whatever positive support is available to you—spouse, friends, clergy, whomever.

Treat your job search like a job…