Our Company

Rich Experience. Expert Advice. Practical Recommendations. Skilled Execution. Demonstrable Results. The Wetrich Group was founded in 2001 to make a considerable impact in the health care industry. Its senior advisors each have more than 25 years of experience, and the firm leverages this expertise to offer comprehensive health care advisory services to its clients. Between Jim Wetrich, Scott Holmes, Carl Meyer and Michael Britton, there is a commitment and complete investment to ensuring clients reach their objectives and succeed in health care.

Results follow when people utilize their wealth of experience to help others succeed. The advisors that make up The Wetrich Group carry myriad skills in significant areas of health care; ensuring clients achieve goals, secure meaningful connections and improve organizations' top and bottom lines.

Built on integrity, collaboration, passion and innovation, The Wetrich Group provides advisory services and networking resources from marketing and supply chain to education and business operations. We take pride in helping evolve the health care industry with our sound strategy and expertise.