Our Mission

To provide our clients with superior strategic and tactical advice and results by leveraging our firm's extensive health care industry experience.

Our Vision

Become a pre-eminent management consulting firm. In doing so, The Wetrich Group wants to change the way organizations market, compete and succeed in the evolving health care industry.

Our Core Values

At The Wetrich Group, we adhere to the following principles in our business every day to maintain an exceptional reputation that is reflected in our relationships and partnerships across the health care industry.

  • Integrity
    We are dedicated to maintaining an impeccable reputation for our business and partner clients. Through open communication and respect for individuals and enterprises, we provide transparency and honesty upon which our clients can depend.
  • Collaboration
    The Wetrich Group is driven by collaboration; not only within our organization, but also with our clients. We believe collaboration, in addition to our unbiased objectivity, is the key to finding the best, comprehensive solution to fit our clients' business, and help reach and exceed their goals.
  • Passion for Performance
    Our firm clearly defines measurable objectives early in each partnership so that every strategy and tactic implemented achieves maximum results. Our concern for client satisfaction and excellence is what drives our performance as we strive to exceed client expectations.
  • Innovation
    The health care industry is a complex market that is continuously evolving. As advisors to our partner clients, we are constantly educating ourselves on innovative technologies and business operations, so we can advise our clients and help them adapt to the future of health care. Using sound business analysis and highly effective planning, our firm works to achieve disciplined implementation so businesses can optimize their efforts and reach goals faster.