Channel Management

Evaluating the supply chain across an organization has its complexities. Not only does a business need to configure the quality of its vendor relations, but it must also predict future supply and demand needs. The Wetrich Group advisors are familiar with supply chain processes in the health care industry. Having extensive experience working with manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and providers, our cumulative understanding of procedures and best business practices help us coordinate and facilitate day-to-day operations, corresponding with long-term goals.

With a focus on problem solving, The Wetrich Group reviews all facets of a business to make supply chain recommendations. We look at both the details and the big picture to determine a tailored approach that will meet our clients' short and long-term needs. Working in collaboration with key executive leaders, we consult with organizations to provide a flexible plan of action to influence a business' bottom line. Our innovative solutions are conscious of client resources and are designed to optimize the flow of goods to yield measurable results.

Our comprehensive channel management services include:

  • Direct versus Indirect Channel Strategies
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • GPO Contracting Analysis
  • Outsourcing Services and Business Process Optimization

Health Care Organization Supply Chain

The Wetrich Group advisors are especially familiar in health care organization supply chain optimization, most notably in hospital materials management. With strong backgrounds in supplier procedures, we are highly skilled in implementing dynamic application processes in hospitals and organizations, and have extensive experience designing supply, processing and distribution functions to effectively run materials management departments. Our firm is able to conduct performance assessments of major health systems to discover ways to refine product utilization and standardization.

Our comprehensive channel management advisory services in regard to health care organizations include:

  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Master File Analysis
  • Product Utilization and Standardization
  • GPO Contracting Strategies and Evaluation
  • Outsourcing Services
  • Organizational Design and Analysis
  • Contract Negotiation and Compliance
  • Buyer Negotiation Training