Human Capital Management

The Wetrich Group SCO was formed to meet the demand for specialized, tailored career and talent advisory services in the health care industry. The company works in conjunction with The Wetrich Group to offer a comprehensive solution to optimize human capital management. Through search, coaching and outplacement, The Wetrich Group SCO is the source of services which meet the unique needs of an organization or individual. When partnering with The Wetrich Group SCO, clients receive unparalleled, strategic advice that is backed by years of experience. With humility, integrity and a passion for client success, The Wetrich Group SCO is a resource for managing human capital efficiently to ultimately meet and exceed business and personal career objectives.

Career Transition

With years of experience working across various sectors of the health care industry, the advisors at The Wetrich Group SCO have the wisdom and professional network to support high-impact executive transitions to new positions. Whether searching for a different lifestyle or occupation, our counsel and tailored approach assists professionals ranging from department directors to C-level employees in finding a career in a desired health care profession. We focus on individuals first and will assess individual experience and capabilities to communicate value in highly competitive health care markets. In addition, our strong network of health care professionals allows us to connect clients with influential business leaders. The Wetrich Group SCO is passionate in helping individuals achieve success, and landing great opportunities that fit their specific needs.

Talent Attraction

With upper-management backgrounds across multiple sectors in health care, The Wetrich Group SCO advisors know the qualities and experience specifications required to make great leaders. Our advisors work closely with organizations, understanding their unique requirements, to match the right candidate with the right position. Our search and placement services are conducted with rigor, discipline, dignity and respect. We use our passion for performance to ensure that the recruitment is a good fit for the company and individual. Utilizing detailed search strategies, our assistance finding top-level executives can be the first step in transforming an organization.

Executive Coaching

The Wetrich Group SCO is an ideal resource for health care executives seeking to enhance their skillset and business acumen. We offer coaching and training for individuals in upper-management roles seeking to create a greater impression with employees and customers. Our advisors work with a variety of health care executives from those in start-up companies to individuals in global corporations. Through one-on-one support, we offer custom solutions and mentoring to help executives enhance their decision-making skills, allowing them to run their internal and external organizations more efficiently. Our goal is to position the executives of today as the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership Development

Jim Wetrich has been involved in studying leadership for more than 25 years when he first purchased Warren Bennis' On Becoming a Leader when it was first released. He went through the three week Leadership Development Program at Abbott Laboratories in 1997. He has attended three leadership courses taught by Bill George and his colleagues at Harvard Business School: Leadership Best Practices (2010), Authentic Leadership Development Program (2011), and Leading a Global Enterprise (2103). Jim has been the source of several articles by Dan Nielsen and it one of his subjects in his upcoming publication on leadership.

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Leadership Lessons from Jim Wetrich
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Executive Outplacement
(Formerly Haney/Lowderman)

For over 25 years, we have been providing executive outplacement, workforce planning and restructuring services. As senior-level consultants, our knowledge of the industry and emerging business trends allows us to help organizations experiencing employee reorganization. We are also a crucial resource for individual candidates in transition, providing high-profile executives with counsel and career guidance to strategically navigate the job market.

About The Wetrich Group SCO LLC

The Wetrich Group SCO LLC offers executive search, coaching and outplacement services to C-level executives, vice presidents and directors in the health care industry. The company was founded by James G. Wetrich, FACHE in 2014 after acquiring Haney/Lowderman, a career transition service company for health care executives.

We have a One for One value proposition…for each engagement what The Wetrich Group LLC conducts, we will provide one hour of free career placement assistance to an out of work American Veteran.