Consulting Psychology Group

Good people make a successful company. We help companies identify, develop and keep good people.

Talent Assessment

We help you determine who to put on the bus and the best seat for them. Successful companies select the best candidates for the job AND company. We help managers develop their talent and overcome weaknesses. Successful companies develop their bench strength for future leadership positions. We help managers develop their talent and overcome weaknesses. Successful companies retain a loyal workforce. We help people identify their perfect occupation. We have been asked by our clients to develop a process to help people identify jobs/occupations that best match their unique personalities, interests, values and aptitudes.

Dan Whitenack, Ph.D., Organizational Psychologist at Consulting Psychology Group, has provided 360-degree feedback and coaching input for nearly 1,000 managers/leaders over the past 25 years – usually for managers and senior leaders in organizations.

Our Experience Matters

Dr. Whitenack has interviewed and tested more than 15,000 candidates over the past 25 years – ranging from CEOs to Executive Assistants.

Career Guidance/Career Counseling

Dr Whitenack has tested/interviewed and provided career guidance to hundreds of people over the past 15 years – usually young adults and displaced ‘experienced’ workers, providing them with occupational guidance that aligns to their talents and interests, which meet their practical/financial needs.

Key Team Members


The health care industry is a complex market that is continuously evolving. As advisors to our partner clients, we are constantly educating ourselves on innovative technologies and business operations, so we can advise our clients and help them adapt to the future of health care. Using sound business analysis and highly effective planning, our firm works to achieve disciplined implementation so businesses can optimize their efforts and reach goals faster.